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VINUV Tuscana Rosso 2019

World Famous Winemaker

VINUV Tuscana Rosso 2019
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Experience the soul of Tuscany in a glass with the VINUV Signature Series, a masterpiece blended by Zane and Mindy Holscher. This inaugural release, using the amazing wines of Tuscan maestro Roberto Cipresso, is a symphony of his Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot. Infused with the aromas of vanilla, wild berries, anise, and hints of figs and roses, each sip is a journey through Italy's sun-soaked vineyards. With only 24 cases available, this wine embodies the passion and dedication of its creators, inviting you to savor the essence of Tuscany's terroir in every exquisite drop.

Wine Specs
Tuscany, Italy
Alcohol %
Wine Profile
Tasting Notes
On the nose we have hints of vanilla, wild berries, and anise, and as it sits in the glass, additional elements of figs, roses and dried cherries. On the palate, the Sangiovese’s contribution of fresh flowers, herbs and leather is perfectly balanced by the fruit-forward, muscular backbone of the Cabernet and the velvety tannins of the Merlot.
Vineyard Notes
SANGIOVESE 2019 (MONTALCINO):This vineyard, planted in 1998 on silty-calcareous soils at an altitude of 984 feet, is known for classic Sangiovese wines with medium to full body, bright acidity and blue fruit, as well as a certain minerality. CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2019 (CASTIGLIONE D’ORCIA): This vineyard, planted in 2010 on galestro soils at an altitude of 1,080 feet, is known for producing wines of power and structure, and a depth of ripe red fruit. MERLOT 2019 (SAN QUIRICO D’ORCIA): This vineyard, planted in 2013 on clay soils at an altitude of 1,240 feet, is known for its wines with bright red fruit and velvety yet chewy tannins.
Production Notes
70% Sangiovese; 25% Cabernet Sauvignon; 5% Merlot
Winemaker Notes
Winemaker- Roberto Cipresso. Born in Bassano del Grappa, Roberto Cipresso began his illustrious winemaking career in 1987 when he relocated to Montalcino to work as a consulting winemaker with the world famous Case Basse, Poggio Antico and Ciacci Piccolomini d’Aragona. He has subsequently consulted with more than thirty wineries throughout Italy, as well as collaborated with Argentine master Santiago Achaval in the Achaval-Ferrer and Matervini wineries in Mendoza, Argentina. He also founded the world-renowned La Fiorita winery in the heart of Montalcino. The estate’s three vineyards represent the best of Sangiovese terroir, and all three will be fully organically certified in the near future. He remains involved as the founder and main winemaker, and also continues to make a Rosso and a Brunello from two 1-hectare parcels of Sangiovese on the property, under his own Roberto Cipresso label. Roberto’s vast experience with almost every varietal grown in Tuscany, along with his deep inherent curiosity and understanding about how they can contribute to a blend, allow him to produce some of the most powerful yet elegant and balanced blends to come out of the region. In 2006, the Italian Sommelier Association declared Roberto the “best Italian winemaker.” In 2008 Men's Health magazine elected him "Man of the Year" in the Food category.
Only 24 cases of 750ml bottles produced. 1/3 will be held back for the VINUV cellar.
Other Notes
For years, Zane and Mindy traveled the world perfecting one aspect of the wine business- drinking wine. Then, Covid happened. To a couple of adventurers, quarantine meant that traveling the world would simply have to take place around the dinner table. Creative dinners and blind tastings soon became a crazy idea: to have their own vineyard. Within six months, Zane and Mindy went from an everyday wine-loving couple to owning a vineyard. They have several brands including DEFENDERS (a nod to Zane's military service) and Drunk Penguin. In 2023 they took another leap of faith, starting a wine import business to support other small Argentinian producers and made their first wine in Italy. Vinuv celebrates Vin (that’s French for wine) grown and produced in Uco Valley (Vin from Uco Valley = VINUV).