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DEFENDERS Malbec 2022

Military Veteran Owned Brand

DEFENDERS Malbec 2022
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Discover DEFENDERS Malbec, a tribute to strength and resilience, created by the alliance of VINUV and the esteemed Nofal Alonso family. With an intense violet hue, this wine embodies purity and brightness. Its aroma paints a picture of ripe plums and red fruits, offering a sensorial journey of depth and finesse. The velvety tannins blend seamlessly, delivering a harmonious and rounded finish. Cultivated in the 60-year-old vineyards of Los Sauces, Tunuyán, Uco Valley, this Malbec originates from a single vineyard located 3544 feet above sea level, echoing the essence of its terroir. Crafted by the skilled hands of winemaker Gabriela Zavala, this wine captures the essence of the Uco Valley's unique character, reflecting a dedication to authenticity and tradition. Pair it with semi-hard cheeses, meaty pasta dishes, or succulent meats with a hint of fat. Its bold flavor profile also makes it an ideal companion for indulging in rich dark chocolate. DEFENDERS Malbec 2022 is not merely a wine; it's a story of camaraderie and shared dreams, brought to life by the passion and dedication of two families and their enduring friendship.

Wine Specs
Uco Valley
Mendoza, Argentina
Harvest Date
Mid-March 2022
2.3 g/l
5.0 g/l
6 months in used French oak barrels
Stainless Steel
Bottling Date
February 2023
Alcohol %
Wine Profile
Tasting Notes
Intense violet color, clean and bright. Good aromatic perception of plums and red fruits. Soft and ripe tannins. Harmonic and round finish.
Vineyard Notes
Single Vineyard. Los Sauces, Tunuyán, Uco Valley. 60 years old vineyards; 3544 feet above sea level.
Production Notes
One week fermentation at 24-26*C in stainless steel tanks. 2 weeks maceration post-fermentation.
Winemaker Notes
Winemaker: Gabriela Zavala. With a long history in the wine industry as an agronomist engineer, she has also worked with vineyards and been a winemaker from many years among renowned wineries. Her vision in winemaking is to make wines with personality, vibrant, respecting the characteristics of the terroir.
Food Pairings
This Malbec goes great with semi-hard cheeses. It can also be a good pairing for meaty pasta dishes and meats with some fat. Great pairing with dark chocolate.
Other Notes
This wine is born from a friendship between VINUV and the Nofal Alonso family. Zane met Ercilia Nofal during a stay in Buenos Aires in 2022 and they immediately bonded over a bottle of wine and their joint desire to bring high-quality, small producer Argentinian wines to the US market. Shortly after, when Zane returned to the Uco Valley, he shared an asado among the 60 year old vineyards with Ercilia, Nora, and their family, and they made this shared vision a reality. *VINUV*: For years, Zane and Mindy traveled the world perfecting one aspect of the wine business- drinking wine. Then, Covid happened. To a couple of adventurers, quarantine meant that traveling the world would simply have to take place around the dinner table. Creative dinners and blind tastings soon became a crazy idea: to have their own vineyard. Within six months, Zane and Mindy went from an everyday wine-loving couple to owning a vineyard. They have several brands including DEFENDERS (a nod to Zane's military service) and Drunk Penguin. In 2023 they took another leap of faith, starting a wine import business to support other small Argentinian producers. Vinuv celebrates Vin (that’s French for wine) grown and produced in Uco Valley (Vin from Uco Valley = VINUV). *NOFAL ALONSO*: Nofal Alonso Winery and Vineyards is a woman-owned and managed company born over three generations ago. In 1917, Don Ceferino Alonso began producing Malbec wines in his winery from his estate grown grapes. In 1950, Gabriel Nofal further pioneered wine in Mendoza founding Nofal Winery and Vineyards. Nofal Alonso is now managed by Gabriel Nofal and Ferina Alonso’s four daughters (Nora, Ercilia, Beatriz and Teresa) and continues this tradition producing high quality, small-production wines from their own vineyards at the foothills of the Andes mountains in the Uco Valley of Mendoza.
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