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Alma Gemela White Field Blend 2022

Woman Owned - Woman Winemaker

Alma Gemela White Field Blend 2022
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Alma Gemela White Field Blend 2022 is a masterpiece, blending Marsanne, Roussanne, and Chardonnay grapes in perfect harmony. Hailing from the esteemed Los Chacayes region in the Uco Valley, this wine showcases the artistry of Mariana Onofri, an acclaimed sommelier turned winemaker. With striking floral and citrus aromas, layered with hints of white fruit and subtle vanilla, this wine offers a delightful sensory journey. Its medium-bodied complexity and refreshing elegance are a testament to the meticulous co-fermentation process and partial malolactic fermentation employed. The judicious use of new oak and stainless steel aging imparts a nuanced texture. Tim Atkin's rating of 93 and James Suckling's score of 92 underscore the exceptional quality of this vintage. Each sip embodies Mariana and Adan Giangiulio's dedication to reviving unique varietals, making this limited-production wine a true soulmate for discerning enthusiasts.

Alma Gemela translates to 'soul mate' and that perfectly describes the relationship of Mariana Onofri and Adan Giangiulio. We have been so blessed to have Mariana as one of our main guides through new vineyard ownership and our winemaking adventure. From the first day, she has offered her advice and been instrumental in the blending of all our wines. We knew she had a way with wine, but what we didn't know is that she was making over 20 of her own wines! After sharing Adan's amazing asado and tasting almost all these outstanding wines, we reluctantly narrowed it down to our top four- a few that will be imported into the US for first time ever. 

Wine Specs
White Field Blend
Harvest Date
Early March 2022
6.6 g/L
20% new oak - 80% stainless steel
Stainless Steel
Bottling Date
December 2022
Residual Sugar
1.8 g/L
Alcohol %
Tim Atkin
James Suckling
Wine Profile
Tasting Notes
A blend of Marsanne, Roussanne & Chardonnay that offers striking aromas of floral and citrus notes layered with hints of white fruit and subtle vanilla. Medium bodied & texturally complex with a fresh and elegant finish.
93- Tim Adkin, 92- James Suckling
Vineyard Notes
Los Chacayes is a prestigious wine-growing region located 80 km southwest of Mendoza, in the Tunuyán department of the Uco Valley. The heterogeneous and poor soil combined with the high altitude, sun exposure and scarce rains are all factors that generate a slight stress on the vines, thus concentrating all their reserves in berries rich in polyphenols, acidity and sugar. CLIMATE: Its climate is mild, with harsh winters and warm summers with cool nights. Due to the altitude, the temperature range between day and night is very wide, reaching 20°C (68 F). Annual rainfall is 250-350mm (9.8-13.7 in) ALTITUDE: 3,300-4,000 feet above sea level. SOIL: This region is crossed by some dry streams that descend from the mountain range, and its soil composition is mainly of alluvial gravels. The pebbles appear mixed with some sand and silt, with low fertility. Due to the soils’ physical and mechanical composition, they are very permeable, without drainage or salinity problems. TRAINING SYSTEM: 10-year-old trellis system planted on American rootstock with dripping system.
Production Notes
FERMENTATION: Co-fermentation of the three grapes in a stainless steel tank at low temperature with native Yeasts. Partial Malolactic Fermentation.
Winemaker Notes
Winemaker: Maríana Onofri, owner and winemaker of this small scale project, was one of the first certified sommeliers in Argentina. Mariana began her influential wine career as Sommelier at the famed La Bourgogne restaurant in Mendoza and Uruguay. She also did winemaking internships in Napa and France, including at Château La Violette in Pomerol, Bordeaux. Mariana started with The Vines of Mendoza in 2007 as Tasting Room Manager and soon became Wine Director. Today, as Wine Director, she leads a team that guides private vineyard owners through their winemaking adventure, including customizing style and varietals, blending sessions and wine education. Her brand Onofri Wines has grown to acclaim in Argentina and around the world. The name of this Alma Gemela line, which means soulmate in English, was romantically selected to honor her life partner and husband, Adan. Together, they passionately believe in "the revival of the grape will lead to the revival of the region". They actively work to save little know varietals of the region and currently produce around 20 different wines each year.
100 cases
Other Notes
SUSTAINABILITY: All wines made from this estate are organically managed and we only use supplies with low environmental impact, Eco - light bottles and recyclable stoppers made from sugar cane with zero carbon footprint. All bottles are hand-labeled. All labor is from local citizens.
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